Temporary furnished rentals?
No problem thanks to AGENT HOME.

Have you got a furnished apartment or house in Stuttgart or the surrounding area you’d like to rent out for good returns and none of the stress? Don’t have the time or the necessary know-how to find new tenants who are solvent and right for the property on an ongoing basis and look after them during the tenancy? You don’t have to: AGENT HOME. your expert apartment manager would be only too glad to do that for you.

You have what we’re looking for
and vice versa.

For our customers, the majority of which are renowned global companies in the metropolitan region of Stuttgart, we are looking solely for modern furnished apartments in sought-after locations. If you have an unfurnished property that you would like to rent out, we would be happy to advise you on the furnishing process in order to help to boost your property’s rental chances.

Not only do we find the right tenants for you, as part of the PERFECT HOME. service package we offer to carry out all the steps involved in overseeing and managing the process.

The perfect AGENT for your HOME.

Longstanding experience

We dispose of 15 years of experience on the market for temporary furnished living and know what it is that tenants are looking for. We would be happy to advise you on furnishing with a view to increasing your rental chances.

Attractive tenants

We have the tenants that every landlord wants: our customers are almost exclusively young professionals and expats, with whose employers we have been cultivating close links for many years.

Professional brochure

We create a professional brochure for you in several languages and present it on our website and all popular online portals in a legally unobjectionable format.

Complete care

As your rental manager, we take all those tasks associated with tenant search and care off your hands, as well as every aspect of the apartment, deposit and rental income management.

Say goodbye to stress.

Finding, vetting and looking after temporary tenants is very labor-intensive and time-consuming, requiring high organizational and field-specialist expertise. As a specialist with local knowledge and over 15 years of experience, we can take care of all the requisite steps within the rental process for you:

  • 01 Initial consultation and rent price estimate
    In a face-to-face appointment on-location, we can advise you on the rentability of the property and, together, we can work out an achievable monthly rent amount.
  • 02 Brochure creation
    We will set up a professional photoshoot and produce a detailed, multi-language brochure in legally-unobjectionable format on the basis of this. Following on from this, we will ensure that your apartment receives the necessary exposure online.
  • 03 Tenant search and apartment handover
    All potential tenants are subjected to a check before we even suggest them to you. If you have selected a tenant, we will conduct a credit check, set up the viewing appointment, draw up the rental agreement and take care of the apartment handover. We can also collect and manage the rental payments and deposit.
  • 04 Final clean and renewed tenant search
    Five weeks at the latest before the end of the tenancy we will start the tenant search for the next tenancy. Once the current tenant has moved out, we set up the final cleaning process through professional cleaning firms that we’ve been working with for a number of years.

For many years now we have been fostering good relations with the following companies for whose staff we regularly arrange temporary furnished accommodation:

Top service or full service:
The choice is yours.

AGENT HOME. offers two models on the basis of which you can match your furnished apartment or house up with the right tenant: BASIC HOME. and PERFECT HOME.

The PERFECT HOME. model is a real savior, particularly for apartment owners who have no time to take care of all the tasks associated with apartment rental.

Inventory taking
On-location appointment with consultation and rent price estimate
Furnishing consultation and guidance during the furnishing phase
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to any of our packages?
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Other things you might want to know ...

The rental of temporary furnished living spaces is more in demand than ever. Especially in the metropolitan region of Stuttgart, where global companies are on every corner, companies are in desperate need of attractive accommodation for their staff that work on-location for them for a limited period. If you too want to get the best offer for you and the most out of your apartment, then you have come to the right place. Below we have put together the answers to the questions most frequently asked by first-time temporary landlords:

Can I have my apartment brokered by other providers too?

Of course. When you commission AGENT HOME. you are not exclusively bound to us. PERFECT HOME.. apartments have occupancy rates you can only dream of. It is rare for a modern furnished apartment to be empty for more than two weeks/year if the apartment matches standard-market conditions.

Where do the tenants come from?

We broker furnished apartments to international customers and locally-based firms and companies in the Stuttgart region. A substantial share of our customers come from abroad (the USA, the UK, Australia, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, Japan etc.). These include highly-qualified business people such as executives, engineers, consultants, professors, media professionals, PhD students etc. We work closely with various relocation agencies, HR departments and assistants to managing directors who get in touch with us as soon as a new employee requires a living space.

Does AGENT HOME. carry out credit checks on the tenants?

Of course. We are a member of SCHUFA. All tenants that we propose to you are checked by us beforehand. AGENT HOME. has at its disposal personal details, such as address, job and age as well as the reason for the apartment search. AGENT HOME. will also commission a SCHUFA report on potential tenants for you as standard if they are private individuals with a German registered address who intend to sign the rental agreement themselves or if the expenses are not assumed by the employer.

What sets AGENT HOME. apart from other agencies?

We see ourselves as the manager of your apartment and not as a traditional real estate agent. Our team of experts provide you with personal consultation and guidance in relation to all the steps involved in finding and looking after the right tenant for your apartment. Furthermore, as a locally-based specialist, we have at our disposal unique insight into the metropolitan region and foster longstanding relations with many renowned companies.

Do I have to deal with the rental agreement?

No. As soon as you have selected your tenant, we will prepare a verified, legally-watertight and ready-to-sign fixed-term rental agreement in German and begin contractual negotiations with the tenant.

What costs are associated with renting my apartment through AGENT HOME.?

The service free for the BASIC HOME. package - the rental service alone - is equal to 14% of the month’s rent. In the PERFECT HOME. package this is 18% of the month’s rent. Prices are quoted including 19% VAT and may be claimed as an expense in your tax return.

Who bears the cost of the final clean?

The cost will be transferred by the tenant along with the last rental installment or offset against the deposit.

Who decides which tenant may move in?

The landlord. If a customer is interested in your apartment specifically, we will contact you and provide you with the most important details in advance, e.g. the tenant’s background, planned rental duration, whether he/she will move in alone etc. Of course, as the landlord, it is up to you with whom you decide to conclude a contract. AGENT HOME. will provide an estimate based on its many years of experience.

What happens if the rented property is damaged?

With PERFECT HOME. apartments, AGENT HOME. offers its tenants liability insurance which covers damage to the rented apartment and furnishings. The tenant also pays a deposit equal to at least two month’s rent.

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